Friday, June 29, 2018

aerial Ngurtavur , photo drone by : Itsnain

A trip to Ngurtafur, the  longest sandbag in the ocean became the highlight of our trip to this small island of Kei. Kei Islands are a cluster of islands in the Sea between Banda and Seram Sea, Arafuru Sea, the Southeast Maluku.

Heading Ngurtafur be said quite far, because flights usually have to transit in Makassar or Ambon if you come from Jakarta, and then road trip from Langgur then proceed with hiring longboat about 1 hour. 

A trip to Ngurtafur even, we had to try 2 times, on our first trip it was heavy rain and waves in the middle of the ocean. Weather in Kei is indeed often fickle. So, we can only pray and hope for a good luck. 

Sailing the sea with heavy rain conditions in Arafuru sea is a bit trials. Moreover, the ship headed to Ngurtafur, is a type of ship without a roof. So we have to withstand the heat of the Sun and rain.

But, how see .. how lucky we were! We were even given another bonus,  could see a double Rainbow in the ocean. WOW ... beautiful paintings of God Almighty.

Arriving in  Ngurtafur, long sand bag like a snake. Its length is almost 2 km. Even if we see from the window in aircraft its still visible snaking like snakes.  

Aerial Ngurtafur .. photo drone by : Itsnain 

If we looked the sand in Ngurtafur, its was so soft, once our feet often immersed in the sand. Ngurtafur, one of the many beaches that are very unique in this country. 


"Eh ...  Is it pelican ?" my friend shouted shortly ship beached
"Yess, those are pelican! " we all screaming happily . Met these pelican birds was really a pleasant surprise. Whoaaaaa, so lucky, after getting wet on the previous trip to Ngurtafur, we were given the opportunity to meet with pelicans in the second chance. So happyyyy!

Pelicans that once could only see on television can now see with their own eyes. Pelicans are birds that migrate. Type in Ngurtafur is a type of Australian Pelican. While Australia are winter, these birds usually move in search of food to a warmer place. 

Australian bird migration routes of Pelican from the Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - Solomon -Wallacea Indonesia. In the triangular lines of the Wallacea i.e. Sulawesi, NTB, NTT and Moluccas track bird migration the fish eater. 

Some of my friends trying to fly the drones in the direction of pelicans, and the result of this Pelican flew away.  They just shy away and flying low around Ngurtafur 

Drone soon lowered fear interfere with pelicans. We can only photograph of pelicans from far away, unwilling to interfere with :D

Zoom kamera HP punya teman sampai mentok. Siapin lensa tele kalau mau ke sini :D
photo by Else Kristina

Met with pelicans in Ngurtafuri is far from our expectation, because this bird always migrates. And don't expect to be able to always meet with pelicans, if a visit to Ngurtafur. With or without the pelicans, Ngurtafur remains enchanting;) 

jejak kaki burung pelikan di Ngurtavur

Thankyouuu Ngurtafur.. a fun experience once visiting you, saw double rainbow, met the pelicans migrating and got to see Ngurtafur beach with the sunny weather :D

Thank you God. What a beautiful memories:))))

@daisyjuliaaa - hopefully she can migrate as easy as pelican do

happy happy faces in Ngurtafur  :D

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