Monday, July 29, 2019

Jana posted in facebook gruoup, backpacker Indonesia that she is a solo traveler, and would love to meet up some backpackers while she is in Makassar. She didnt expect to meet me, a local friend in Makassar. Then she sent me a pm and we arranges a meet up, okay then i picked her up in POD Hostel, a wellknown backpacker capsule near to Losari beach.

I invited her to try Sop Sodara Andalas. Its famous traditional Makassar culinary with spices recipe and  of course she liked it very much hehe.

and then i offered her to try Sarabbain Sungai Cerekang, a wellknown beverage in Makassar. It made of ginger and mix with milk and boiled. It tastes so good and she liked it. During our meet up some of friend asking to take pictures with her and she didint want hehehe

What are Jana's thoughts while traveling in Indonesia for a month ?

1. She became a celebrity 
Everyone wants to take picture with her and she confused

2. All food in Indonesia is delicious 
None of Indonesian food made her unhappy! Happy tummy, happy Jana.

3. At right place in the right moment 
She is in Indonesia at good moment, since right now in Europe is in heatwave.

4. People are so kind 
eventhough is a bit annoying people kept asking take pictures with her but she touched by a kindsnes of mother who gave her foodin bus when she was in Java.

5. Nature is amazing 

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