Monday, November 13, 2017

telling you photo stories ...

Actually i always took landscape photos, but, i tried to take some human interest photos. which i knew i am not really good at. But, hey, one pictures tell thousand words. 

Hope so, you can feel the moment, the expression, the emotion. 

met Santi and Novi, these girls wanted to take photos with me in Waerebo village, 

Mama and daughter in waerebo village

Coffee harvest time. Happiness was in the air. 

A little girl in Bena, she just showed  her house in Bena Village

A friendly Bapa in Bena village

Mama is making a new woven

Mama Yuliana in Bena village 

Mama and Bapa in Bena village 

Bapa played harmonica in Bena village 

Both mama invited us to visit Tololela village

Mamma Matilda in Tololela Village 

A boy who so curious about camera in Malanage hotspring

A brave boy in Riung island 

Harvest time in Ruteng.

a kindhearted family , mama Ena and Yanto in Ruteng, thankyou for hosting us :))

I missed my grandma while seeing this photo

Mama Katherine and her son in Tololea village 

All photos was taken using my Olympus TG4, during my overland Flores trip, June - July 2017.

@daisyjuliaaa - enjoying to be a storyteller tho

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