Monday, April 30, 2018

Hello guys, so this is my post about people i met in Papua while my journeys to Misool, west Papua. These are actually not the best shoots i could share because i was too newbie to human interest genre. I still need to learn human interest. Hopefully next time i can share the potraits and capture their soul thru their eye.

little boy in Desa Nusa Jaya, Misool

kid in Desa Nusa Jaya

really blurry photo, 

fathers as fisherman in  Desa Nusa Jaya, Misool 

Oma Titi shared some candies to the local kids. yeayy

Papua young boys

father in Pelni i met 

Papua young boy

Papua young girl, i really like her eyes

a suspicious look 

beautiful women of Papua 

All shoot using Olypus OMD Em5 mark ii, 12-50 mm lens.

@daisyjuliaaaa - still learning human interest

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