Friday, June 29, 2018

Shifa and her friend in Ora beach resort, Mollucas

Actually i always took landscape photos, but, i tried to take some human interest photos. which i knew i am not really good at. But, hey, one pictures tell thousand words. 

Hope so, you can feel the moment, the expression, the emotion. 

met these young ladies in Masbait peak, Kei Island

met these young boys in Langgur, Molluccas

beautiful girls of Mollucas

their playground is pristine saltwater. btw i love her curly of this little sister 

met them in Ohoilir beach, kei Island 

mother cooked sagu for her family 

father was fixing broken shelf

playing meriam bamboo, Its was long time ago, untill i saw  the euforia of Meiram Bamboo again in Sawai, Molluccas

met mother and his son . they just made little ceremony  for him 


i met this little kids in Ngurtavur beach, Mollucas, 

Shiva in the edge of  boat while accompany me to Ora beach, Molluccas 

beautiful kid in Tual, Molluccas

Ied Fitri ceremony in Tual, Molluccas

a mother is sweeping in the  Mas Bait , Langgur, Kei ISland 

Shiva and frineds in Ora beach resort 

sweet young boy in Langgur, Kei Island 

young boy in Langgur, Kei Island 

All photos was taken using my Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II 12-50mm, during my Mollucas hopping island trip, May- June 2018.

@daisyjuliaaa - still learning human interest fotography

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